PR assistant and content writer for Exposure Ninja. My duties include contacting publications and websites where in which I write articles on behalf of my clients and have them published on appropriate sites.


Exposure Ninja is an SEO agency and digital marketing agency. Working for the agency from February 2015 to July 2016, I was assigned a variety of different clients through the course of the year and a half I was with Exposure Ninja.


PR assistant: building up relationships with digital publications for clients.
Moreover, I write blog posts each month for my clients and post them on the company's website.


Working for Exposure Ninja introduced me to Copywriting. I was able to strengthen my writing skills, introduce me to digital PR and give me a basic understanding of SEO and online publication. Since beginning with Exposure Ninja I have built up strong writing skills as well as having a greater understanding of SEO and publication techniques. I am able to write commercial articles and blog posts with keyword optimisation and content writing.